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Open to faculty, graduate students, and independent scholars

 A Symposium in Rhetoric
The Federation Rhetoric Committee of the Federation of North Texas Area Universities
Texas Woman's University - Denton, Texas

February 24, 2006

"The term kairos has a rich and varied history, but generally refers to the way a given context for communication both calls for and constrains one's speech. Thus, sensitive to kairos, a speaker or writer takes into account the contingencies of a given place and time, and considers the opportunities within this specific context for words to be effective and appropriate to that moment."   - quoted courtesy of Silva Rhetoricae (rhetoric.byu.edu)

The Rhetoric Symposium is now accepting proposals for papers and panels dealing with contemporary issues of kairos, which we define broadly to incorporate a wide variety of research interests.

We welcome submissions from all areas including but not limited to: Disability Studies, Rhetoric and Disability, Rhetoric and Composition, English, Journalism, Political Science, Education, History, Film Studies, Media Studies, Art, Psychology, and Sociology.

Suggestions for possible areas of interest:

Critical Theory
Rhetoric & Technology
Composition & Rhetoric
Creative Writing
Science Fiction
Writing Center Theory & Practice
Basic Writing


Academia/Professional Issues
Rhetoric & Philosophy
ESL & Composition
Pop Culture
Film Studies
Rhetoric of Mass Media
Literary Studies
Computers and Writing

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If you have any questions about whether your proposal ideas may be suitable, please do not hesitate to contact us. Send inquiries (and submissions) to

The keynote speaker will be Dr. Brenda Brueggemann of Ohio State University. Her research and teaching interests include Disability Rhetorics, Gender & Disability, Composition Studies, and Critical Theory. Dr. Brueggemann is the author of several important books, including Lend Me Your Ear: Rhetorical Constructions of Deafness. She is an Associate Professor of English, an Associate Faculty member of Comparative Studies - Women's Studies, the Co-Coordinator of the American Sign Language Program, and the Coordinator of the Disability Studies Minor - all at Ohio State University. She is also the Series Editor of "Deaf Lives," from Gallaudet University Press.

The subject of Dr. Brueggemann's paper will be Disability Rhetoric.

Deadline for Submission of 250-Word Abstract (electronic format preferred): 01/06/2006 (extended!)
Individual and Panel Proposals Welcome

Prizes for outstanding graduate papers will be awarded!

Please send all inquiries to: dsouder@mail.twu.edu


or via USPS to:

Federation Rhetoric Symposium
c/o Ms. Donna M. Souder
P.O. Box 2620
Keller, TX 76244-2620 USA
(alternate email:

ADA Statement: It is the policy of The Federation of North Texas Area Universities and the Federation Rhetoric Symposium to provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations for individuals with documented disabilities.  This college will adhere to all applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and guidelines with respect to providing reasonable accommodations as required to afford equal opportunities.  It is the presenter/attendee’s responsibility to contact the conference chairperson, Donna Souder at 817.538.1600 or via email at dsouder@mail.twu.edu in a timely manner if he/she desires to arrange for accommodations.